2018 Film/Music Explosion!

Since 2003, the Film/Music Explosion! has opened each night of the Artifact Small Format Film Festival. The Film/Music Explosion! is an opportunity for local emerging filmmakers to create a Super 8 film based on a song. Each film is accompanied by a live performance of the song during the festival. This year we have partnered with some of Canada's most innovative musical organizations to bring you the best up and coming local artists: 

HYMN + Yvonne Abusow 

Co-presented by Sled Island

//About HYMN: 

HYMN was founded in 2015 with a “goal to bring to mind the fraternity of melodies all over the word.” It’s a warm-hearted turn of phrase, and one they follow through with—HYMN play different forms of folk and traditional music, using mostly acoustic string instruments and percussion from different Eastern regions.

//About Yvonne Abusow: 

 Yvonne Abusow is a teacher and practicing filmmaker. She graduated from the University of Regina with a BFA in Film Media Production & Studies in 2010 and has been playing with film ever since. She likes to working with the film medium using in-camera techniques and processes, like multiple exposure, masking, and matting.


Sinzere & the Late Nights + Kevin Kirkpatrick & Steve Chin

Co-presented by CJSW 90.9

//About Sinzere & the Late Nights: 

Sinzere, born in Calgary, Canada; is a singer-songwriter and rapper re-defining hip-hop music. Sinzere defines herself by her daring, witty, powerful, and unapologetic lyrics; creating what some call a genre of its own. Sinzere and her production team mix elements of Funk, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Reggae – creating a groovy, melodic, bass heavy sound – rich in originality.

//About Kevin Kirkpatrick & Steve Chin:

Steve Chin and Kevin Kirkpatrick became fast friends at SAIT's Film and Video Production program in 2006. The two bonded over a strong passion for comedy, editing, storytelling and Daft Punk. This is their first creative collaboration together. 


Deicha & the VuDudes + Simon Chan

Co-presented by CKUA Radio Network

//About Deicha & the VuDudes: 

Deicha & The VuDudes are a 7-piece Funk & Soul band from Calgary AB. Performing moody originals and obscure pearls, they create hypnotic siren soundscapes that’ll make you quake & ache for their deep ocean magick. Playing a fusion of soulful melodies, funky euro back beats, and dark roots tones, they blend the sweet with the salty leaving a beautifully gritty aftertaste.

//About Simon Chan: 

Simon is a multi-faceted filmmaker exploring a myriad of genres and styles. He enjoys creating films that are musically driven, visually compelling, and playful in its edits.