Getting Ready Montage: 2 No Fashion #MattMiwa

Lesley Marshall


Saturday March 9th

  • Super 8
  • Canada
  • 2018
  • 3:00

Built on an obsession with feminine iconography and the compression of a good time through the narrative film montage, this piece (re)creates a stylized version of this classic cinema motif; one which never ends, a saturated beauty experience. Getting ready is a passingly simple act. This is a portrait of a beautiful femme putting on things and taking off. Of glamour, of resignation of the self to the world for the day or evening; of objects strewn about, of stuff full of sparkles, gold, jewels and powder. The person: #MATTMIWA. A diva about to get on stage for the evening in a homemade cat suit, no time for the passerby, #MATTMIWA was born a star and always getting ready for the next performance: karaoke, drag, or bedroom.