2020 Festival


The Artifact Small-Format Film Festival is an annual 3-day film festival, screening exclusively Super8 and 16mm film. Formerly the $100 Film Festival, we are now in our 27th year of celebrating celluloid film! We are proud to be among the select few that continue to keep this unique medium alive and to draw celluloid lovers to Calgary each year.

Each night of the festival will be kicked off with our Film/Music Explosion series, which features a live performance by a local artist, accompanied by a Super 8 music video directed by a local filmmaker. The show will continue with a themed shorts programme of Super 8 and 16mm films from around the world. Each screening will have a 15-minute intermission and will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers. 

This year we are pleased to welcome Visiting Artist Aaron Zeghers! Aaron will be presenting a retrospective of his filmography throughout the festival, as well as an Artist Talk on Friday, April 3rd, and a Super 8 workshop on Saturday, April 4th. 




 7pm | cSPACE (1721 29 Ave SW)

Film/Music Explosion Series: Jiajia Li + Andres Porras (Co-presented by CJSW 90.9) 

Programme: Nonhuman 

Destabilizing the primacy of the human figure in cinema, this evening’s films challenge conventional cinema subjects through their focus on animals, the natural world, and non-human agents. A museum show which exhibits the intricacies of an insect, to the coyotes of Calgary, to mountains of Peru. Q & A with filmmakers to follow the program. 

 Tickets: $20 General Admission | $15 CSIF Members/Students/Seniors 


2:30pm | Location TBA 

Visiting Filmmaker Artist Talk: "The Film Festival Industrial Complex" | FREE

7pm | cSPACE (1721 29 Ave SW)

Film/Music Explosion Series: Locutus + Eric Stroppel (Co-presented by Mission Tattoo Parlour)  

Programme: The Uncanny

Deja vu, doppelgangers, strange familiarity, opposites, memory, and dualism. Tonight’s films tackle the idiosyncrasies of the human mind, both unconscious and direct. Recollections and variations on doubled themes, often vering into the paranormal and psychoanalytic. Q & A with filmmakers to follow the program. 

Tickets: $20 General Admission | $15 CSIF Members/Students/Seniors 


 1pm | Location TBA

Visiting Artist Workshop: Super 8 Seance with Aaron Zeghers 

Time TBA | | Price TBA 

7pm | cSPACE (1721 29 Ave SW)

Music Explosion Series: Vanity Pope + Chelsea Yang-Smith (Co-presented by Femme Wave) 

Programme: Optical Illusions

Persistence of vision is the original optical illusion at the heart of cinema. Tonight’s program engages your visual perception with ambiguities, distortions, paradoxes, and fictions, all heightened by their ontology as celluloid artifacts. Q & A with several of the filmmakers to follow the program.  

 9pm | cSPACE (1721 29 Ave SW)

Festival After Party & Awards Announcement

 Tickets: $20 General Admission | $15 CSIF Members/Students/Seniors 

3-Day Festival Passes are available here.