Who Can Shoot a Firefly?

Emma Piper-Burket


Friday March 8th

  • Super 8
  • USA
  • 2018
  • 2:25

Light pollution, pesticides, and reduced habitat (people over-manicuring their lawns) are negatively impacting firefly populations around the country. Two summer nights in a row I cried myself to sleep thinking about having to live in a world without fireflies. 'Who Can Shoot a Firefly?' was at first conceived as a PSA to raise awareness about creating firefly habitat, but as I set out with my roll of 500T super8 film one dusky night I quickly discovered the ephemerality of both my subject matter and chosen medium. The glow of the firefly lasts but a passing moment, the film is running and there is only a finite amount left. Edited in camera.