2024 Schedule

Ecological Echoes - Projected on Film 

April 5th, 2024
Starts at 7 PM
Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers ( 1725 10 Ave SW #100, Calgary, AB)


On this second night of the festival we will be at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers. The night's theme is Ecological Echoes - Projected on Film. From mesmerizing landscapes to intimate portraits of our interconnected existence, these experimental films serve as reflections on the beauty, fragility, and resilience of ecological systems

Following intermission, there will be a special projection performance by Kyle Whitehead - IMMANENT UNION


7pm - Shorts

River | Penny McCann | Canada | 16mm | 2:57

Muddy Buddy | Sara Bulloch, Derek McMechan | Canada | Super 8 | 1:15

Second Slide | Jack Parker | Canada | 16mm | 4:00

You Can Do With These | Sean Bokenkamp | Canada | Super 8 | 7:30

Birds | Madi Piller | Canada | 16mm | 2:40

ripples: what we make lives beyond us | katnancy | Super 8 | 2:00

transmission | Nicole Blundell | Canada | 16mm | 2:07

Living Lessons in the Museum of Order | Malic Amalya | USA | 16mm | 20:00


8-9pm -IMMANENT UNION | Kyle Whitehead | Super 8 | 58:00 | 260 Metres

Generative Sound via Light-Controlled Synthesizers


Performative in essence, where sound is modulated live by projected light, this Super 8 film on two reels is a retrograde attempt to resolve a personal archive and index, confronting the inexorable passage of time into memory, memory into echo and echo into resonance. IMMANENT UNION was spliced together live over the course of six performances in Mexico, the United Kingdom and Canada; these Drafts for a Scenario facilitating a chance approach to the global composition of disparate memories, fleeting images of recorded time that have no story to tell.

Artist Bio

Kyle Whitehead is Canadian artist who works with material film to create experimental and expanded cinema projects. His handmade films, moving image installations and projection performances trade in material self-consciousness, the artist’s labours and elastic treatments of light, space and time. These works in film have exhibited internationally in numerous festivals, galleries and museums including CROSSROADS at the SF Cinematheque (USA), the Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (Mexico), Alchemy Film and Arts (Scotland), Antimatter Media Art (Canada) and the Canadian Film Institute’s Café EX (Canada).

 immanent union 01


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